How To Select The Best Shipping Container For Storage Purposes

Shipping Container

If you have not used a shipping container before as an additional storage space, it is time to know about them and solve your storage blues. Shipping containers are rectangular metal boxes with doors and locking facilities. They are available in various sizes and features, and it is time you should know about them before sealing the deal and grabbing the offer for a shipping container for sale Reno NV.

One of the best solutions for extra storage space at your home or commercial premises is to use shipping containers Reno NV. You do not require permissions from competent authorities as these structures are not permanent. Again unlike burning a hole in your pocket for constricting a permanent storage space on your garden or vacant land, you can get the shipping containers at a lower price to overcome your storage blues.

Points to ponder

As you intend to buy a container for shipping Reno NV, you should visit the best and the most reputed supplier in your area. You should also pay heed to certain features before sealing the deal. Many things matter in the selection of a shipping container Reno NV. The size, specifications, type, and condition matter most when selecting a container and it is time to discuss them in more detail.

  • The size – Shipping containers are available in various sizes following worldwide standards. Of the various sizes, 20 feet and 40 feet long containers are the most popular. Usually, they have a width of 8 feet and a height of 8.6 inches or 8.6 inches. The overall dimension is measured in volumes. Of course, these are the external dimension, and the internal dimensions are slightly less.
  • The type- Once you decide on the size, it is time to decide on the type. You may go for the standard cube or the high cube containers sold by the most reputed supplier in your area. Standard containers have a height of 8.6 feet, while high cube containers have a height of 9.6 feet. Again, both are available in the double door and single door versions and come with locking provisions. Measure the clearance area and decide on the type of opening you need.
  • Refrigerated and dehumidified – depending on your storage need, you may require a refrigerated shipping container. Again, if the purpose is to store general items, it is best to use a container with a dehumidifier so that the contents inside can breathe and not collect moisture. If the container is not used for dwelling and is only used for storage, then purchase wind and watertight shipping containers from the best supplier in your area.
  • The condition – You can buy a new or an old container, which entirely depends on your choice and budget. The best shipping container supplier refurbishes the old containers and sells them at a lower price than the new ones.


Today shipping containers are used not only for cargo but also for creating additional storage space and even for dwelling purposes at times. Visit the most reputed supplier in your area and get the best deal to serve your purposes.


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