We sell used and One-Trip 20’ Standard, 40’ Standard, and 40’ High Cube containers ONLY.

Standard delivery times are 0-10 business days for used containers.

Trailer decks are approximately 4’ high. A 20’ or 40’ standard container loaded onto a trailer has a height of approximately 14 feet.

Trailer decks are approximately 5’ high. A 20’ or 40’ high cube container loaded onto a trailer has a height of approximately 15 feet.

For a 20′ container, you’ll need 80 feet of length and for a 40′ container, you’ll need 120 feet of length. Plan on having at least 13′ of width to fit the truck and 18 feet of clearance height (when the container is tipped off the back, plan on a peak height of around 22 feet).

If you have the proper equipment to safely transport it, you may pick up your newly purchased container after purchase.

If you don’t have a truck capable of safely hauling a container, we are happy to help you with delivery. Because of the size and weight of containers, most of our customers have us arrange delivery

At MODERN STORAGE CONTAINERS we take your online security seriously.  MODERN STORAGE CONTAINERS uses third party sites because they are industry leaders in ecommerce transactions. We simply tell the payment gateway what you are purchasing and the amount, they manage your secure transaction.

Because third parties manage all of our payment processing, MODERN STORAGE CONTAINERS doesn’t keep complete information regarding your credit card or payment method (only enough to identify your transaction). Our goal is to ensure a high level of transaction security for all of our customers.

MODERN STORAGE CONTAINERS uses the shipping container grades that are used by shipping lines. CWO means “cargo-worthy” and that a container can pass a CSC inspection to be stacked 7 high and transported on a cargo ship.

“One-Trip” containers are “cargo-worthy” containers that were manufactured within the last 1-2 calendar years and generally have little to no cosmetic issues (maybe a few dings/dents and scraped paint from being stacked, but that’s it).

Reefers are a speciality unit can be available upon request.

Because containers are generally considered a by-product of trade, they are not titled. In order to move a container, you’ll always need a trailer (which will require a title and vehicle registration), but the container itself does not require title or registration in the United States.

We offer discounts on the purchase of more than 3 units. For pricing of 4 or more units, please give us a call to discuss your needs. For customers who would like to order more than 10 containers, we recommend calling us direct or filling out the contact us form on our website.

The most important thing is to have enough room for the truck to drop the container. 20’ containers require 60’ of space (20’ for the box and 40’ for the truck), while 40’ containers require 100’ of space (40’ for the box and 60’ for the truck).

If a 20’ container is delivered on a semi (for instance if multiple 20’s are being delivered on the same truck) please account for the additional space.

If delivery is rejected due to the driver being unable to safely back into the location, the customer will be charged for trucking plus a re-stock fee of 15%, so please make sure you have adequate space at your location.

A level surface is crucial to doors lining up

Yes, we encourage you to come and visit our yard at 14155 Cocoa Street Reno, NV 89506 and pick out a container in stock. We are also happy to take pictures from our inventory and send them to you.

Standard delivery time is 0-10 business days for used containers.

The standard delivery time for new containers is 0-30 days.

Standard pickup time is 3-5 business days for used containers. Rush delivery is 3-5 days for used containers. Rush charges apply.